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The DVFF & COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Information IconDVFF Outings Sign-Ups Overview, as of March 20, 2020

Outings will be announced and updated on the DVFF website and in Windknots.

To sign-up or cancel, please either register for an outing on the website or email BOTH the outing leader (emails found in outing announcements in the website online calendar and Windknots) and Rich Bourdon

Outing details will be sent to you by email. In some cases there may be scheduled conference calls or webcasts.

Outings Policy, as of June 2020

The Diablo Valley Fly Fishing (DVFF) club has established a set of firm, enforced rules in order to keep club members safe on day or multi-day outings.

These rules were developed by the DVFF Safety Committee which consists of the club president, a member virologist, the outings chair, the PHWFF-Martinez program lead, and the safety committee chair. The committee relied on public health information and experts. The list of rules has been shared with the Northern California Council Fly Fishers International as well. These rules are assured by outing leaders as well as members themselves. Extra masks, spray disinfectant and sanitizer are available from the outing leaders. The club Outings Rules are as follows:

  • Sick with cold/flu symptoms? – Please stay home
  • Drive up/back alone
  • Use of Infrared Thermometer temperature check
  • Keep 6’ distance
  • Wear masks if within 6’; even if only briefly
  • Separate food and meals
  • Separate camping tents or rooms
  • Handle your gear only
  • Wipe down common area surfaces
  • Wash /sanitize hands frequently

The DVFF COVID-19 OUTINGS RULES are reviewed at all monthly club meetings. In addition, they are reviewed as part of the Fish Talks that are held a couple of weeks prior to most club outings. During the first outing evening or morning, they are reviewed again.

Sick with cold/flu symptoms? Please stay home: This rule relies largely on member precaution but we also do a temperature check using an infra-red scanner at the beginning of the outing.

Drive up/back alone: We do not allow carpooling. Members may not drive to or from the outing unless that are a household – husband and wife, father and son, etc.

Use of Infrared Thermometer temperature check: This is an important early precaution and is also available if someone is feeling sick during the outing.

Keep 6’ distance: This is strictly enforced by using logistics and example. Outing activities are planned around distancing. Members bring their own portable chairs so that gatherings for briefings, lunches, etc. can be done comfortably and apart.

Wear masks if within 6’, even if only briefly: This is a critical rule because there are times when members are in close proximity. Our Safety Committee member who is a virologist has warned against use of buffs (aka gaiters) and bandanas. We know that these generally do not have the material density or layers to prevent aerosol travel. We have stressed the need for masks that truly protect members.

Separate food and meals: There is no group cooking or shared food. Members bring their own food or get take-out. Dining is done outside and distanced.

Separate camping tents or rooms: Members must stay in separate tents, while camping, or separate motel rooms. If multi-bedroom lodging is generally avoided but if used, members must be in separate bedrooms unless part of the same household. Use of kitchens for group meals is not allowed. Shared bathrooms must be sanitized.

Handle your gear only: This is important since we have members who may need help with rigging or casting. We simply can’t handle each other’s fishing equipment. Members must be able to cast, know their knots and rigging techniques BEFORE the outing.

Wipe down common area surfaces: Spray disinfectant is brought on each outing and used liberally.

Wash/sanitize hands frequently: Frequent hand washing is critical. Individual sanitizer bottles are carried by leaders with others provided to members.