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Diablo Valley Fly Fishing Club
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Fly Tying Instruction

New - Online Fly Tying Course

The DVFF often offers a range of fly tying classes, from Beginning Fly Tying to Specialty Classes. (Some classes are limited to DVFF members.) The club does have fly tying kits for rent, but students can provide their own tools (recommended tools list - vice, scissors, bobbin, bodkin, hackle pliers, hair stacker/packer/comb - can be provided). The club provides basic materials.


The Beginning Fly Tying class takes place over eight weeks, usually during evening sessions one day a week. Intermediate Fly Tying classes will often include guest instructors who specialize in particular flies. You can get more information about upcoming sessions by contacting Larry Griffis at


Flies covered in DVFF fly tying classes include:

  • Terrestrials (San Juan Worm, Floating Ant)
  • Mayflies (Pheasant Tail & A.P. nymphs, Parachute Adams & Royal Wulff dries)
  • Midges (Zebra Midge Wet, Griffith's Gnat Dry)
  • Caddis  (Fox's Poopah wet, Elk Hair Caddis Dry)
  • Stonefly nymph (Rubberlegs)
  • Streamer (Wooly Bugger)