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DVFF Fly Tying Class  

Online Foundational Fly Tying Course

Introducing the NEW DVFF Online Fly Tying Program

This new program was conceived as an alternative and healthier approach to in-person classroom instruction while in we are the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This online program is aimed at engaging and teaching beginning to intermediate fly tying. When completed, program participants will have learned the foundational skills needed to tie many fly patterns commonly used in California waters.

Program participants can proceed at their own pace, with a six-week schedule recommended (generally two fly patterns per week). Participants can learn at their home or office, when they want, and on their own time. The key to this program is the coach/mentor assigned after the student registers for the course. At the end of each week or course segment, the student will submit three pictures each of the flies they’ve tied – from the left side, right side and overhead – and send those photos via text message or email to their assigned coach. The coach will use these photos to provide constructive feedback. All mentors are club members and accomplished fly tiers.

The 13 fly patterns taught in this program were chosen for progressive skill development when tied in sequence. All materials for the patterns are included in the registration cost for the course and will be mailed to students’ homes. Should a participant be in need of a fly-tying vise and fly-tying tools, the club will provide a fly-tying kit for an additional deposit fee. The majority of the deposit will be returned at the conclusion of the program. Should a student choose to keep the fly tying kit, there would be no return of deposit monies.

This program is video based (not Zoom), with video instructions provided for each fly pattern to be tied. A full-color, 60-page Foundational Fly Tying book is included with the provided materials. The book has ample room for note taking on each fly pattern tied.

To register for the program go to the Online Fly Tying Registration page.