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Golden Trout Award Hall of Fame

Below are the past recipients of the DVFF's "Golden Trout Award."

This Could be You!
GTA - Blank 3
This Could be You!
GTA Chris Coan
2017Chris Coan
GTA Steve Anderson
2017Steve Anderson
Brian Livingston GTA 2017
2017Brian Livingston

2017—Gene Blazick
GTA Tom Morehouse 2014
2014-Tom Morehouse
Fred Glaser
2014-Fred Glaser
Tom Moran
2013—Tom Moran
Willy George
2013-Willy George
Jim Yaekel
2013—Jim Yeakel
John Kell
2013—John Kell
Jim Shively
2012—Jim Shively
John Shaw
2010—John Shaw
Craig McMullen
2008—Craig McMullen
Wayne Hofer
2008—Wayne Hofer
Jan Horn
2007—Jan Horn

2007—David Lipscomb
Dean Rhodes
2006—Dean Rhodes
John Haas
2004—John Haas
Milton Momita
2004—Milton Momita
Chuck Morones
2003—Chuck Morones

2001—Alan Christian
Barry Williams
2001—Barry Williams
Gary Turri
2000—Gary Turri
Gerry Ng
1999—Gerry Ng
Steve Hess
1999—Steve Hess
Phil Erickson
1998—Phil Erickson
Lou Hinrichs
1995—Lou Hinrichs
Chuck Echer
1994—Chuck Echer
John Rueff
1994—John Rueff
Ed Rabinowe
1994—Ed Rabinowe
Jannifer Lee Puyans
1993—Jannifer Lee-Puyans