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DVFF Casting Instruction 

Free Monthly Casting Instruction

Now that the warmer months and daylight savings time are here, casting instruction will once again be available before our monthly DVFF Club meetings. Starting with the May meeting and continuing each month through the October meeting, free casting instruction will be provided at the Heather Farm Pond down the hill from our club meeting site.

How many more fish would you catch if you improved your casting skills? Find out by taking advantage of the casting instruction available before our monthly club meetings. Starting in May and continuing each month through October, our expert casting instructors will be at the Heather Farm Pond, next to the club meeting room, no later than 6 PM which will give you over an hour of high quality casting practice before the meeting starts.

This year the program includes different special focus areas each month

May - Roll Casts:  Learn the when, why, and how to perform various forms of the Roll Cast such as roll casts off both shoulders, narrow and wide loop roll casts, and adding distance to your roll cast.

June - Loop Control:  Learn how to control the size of your casting loop to match the specific leader & fly set-up that you are casting.  For example, narrow loops for single dry flies and wider loops for larger heavily weighted flies or indicator rigs.

July - Improving your Accuracy:  Learn the skills needed to be more accurate to targets at 20, 30, and 40 feet.  Ninety percent of trout are caught at less than 40 feet.  Also learn the adjustments needed to remain accurate in windy conditions.

August - Slack Line Casts and Aerial Mends:  Learn how to present your fly properly to achieve a longer, drag free drift.

September - Single and Double Haul:  Learn the techniques to master the single and double haul.  The single and double haul will add line speed and enable you to punch your fly through the wind, increase your overall distance, and take some of the work load off your rod hand.

October - Distance Casting:  Learn that by casting tight loops, carrying a longer length of line, and executing an effective double haul, you will be able to cast much further than you ever believed possible.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to learn or improve your casting skills. If you are new to the sport or forget your rod there will always be plenty of loaner rods and reels. Please plan to join us.

Our expert casting instructor staff will be at the pond no later than 6 p.m. on meeting nights, which will give you over an hour of quality casting practice before the monthly meeting starts. If you are new to the sport or forget your rod that day, there will always be plenty of loaner rods and reels available. Please plan to join me.

Willy George
IFFF Certified Master Casting Instructor & DVFF Casting Director

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